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Why ESA BIC Sweden

ESA BIC Sweden proposes a strong support structure with different partners and the selected companies hosted at ESA BIC Sweden will have access to :

  • personalized assistance offered by the referent support structure, i.e. professional business guidance
  • training and services provided by Arctic Business Incubator, Uppsala Innovation Centre, Innovatum incubator and partners
  • the opportunity to be supported by business appointments in other regions
  • strong technical support of the partner institutions
  • customized support for finding national and international financial and engineering partners
  • support in investment readiness and financing search
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About ESA BIC Sweden

The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Sweden opened in 2015 with three incubation offices.

It is managed by a consortium of Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) as consortium leader located in Luleå in the north of Sweden, Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) located in Uppsala just north of Stockholm and Innovatum incubator (IAB) located in Trollhättan in the west of Sweden just north of Göteborg.

Each consortium partner provides business incubation at their respective centres, in Luleå, in Uppsala and in Trollhättan.

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