Cystellar AB

A big-data analytics and decision support company offering Precision Agriculture Solutions.

Founded in 2017 by

  • Peter Bunus

  • Serdar Uckun

Incubation period

21-06-2017 to 21-06-2019

About Cystellar AB

Through its cloud-based data fusion platform, CyStellar improves data driven decision making and predictive analytics for the precision agriculture, logistics and insurance sector. CyStellar’s cloud-based solutions integrate geo-referenced information from a variety of sources including satellite imagery, drone-based surveillance, weather forecasts, ground-based IoT sensors, and other social, societal, political, and economic information in order to provide actionable intelligence for data intensive organizations to maintain their competitive advantage. On top of its platform, and by exploiting the power of machine learning, big data and predictive analytics, CyStellar layers several domain specific decision support tools and provides dedicated solutions.


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The challenge


The solution

  • AgTech software solutions for precision agriculture, crop management, variable-rate irrigation and fertilization, and pest management.
  • FoodTech solutions for food safety and traceability using blockchain, remote sensing and IoT technology.
  • InsurTech solutions for insurance risk ssessment and modeling, fraud detection, damage assessment, claim adjustment and claim payouts.