Apocalypse Hunters

New location based navigation system for mobile games

Founded in 2016 by

  • Nicolas de Kerckhove

Incubation period

15-02-2016 to 15-08-2016

About Apocalypse Hunters

Apocalypse Hunters is a new concept of location based mobile game that works with different themes. It brings a completely new dimension to the gaming sector thanks to interaction with the real world and with the weather forecast. Our initial theme is a cards trading mobile game. When raining, for example, your collection cards from the “water family” will be twice stronger than usual. Our vision is to be the leading company in location based mobile games.

Contact info

The challenge

Our company is solving the following issues:

  • People have free time
  • People feel isolated
  • People has a sedentary lifestyle
  • Difficulty for companies and institutions to attract people on specific places (point of sales)

The solution

Apocalypse hunters is a new location based navigation system for mobile gamers and companies/institutions.

  • Apocalypse Hunters can offer new customers to companies/institutions with points of sales.
  • Thanks to our location base data of places from companies/institutions that want to attract people on their points of sales, we can help other Developers to monetize their app. They can use this data basis for their own game or own mobile application.
  • Our app can also bring people to place where few people use to go, because they are new or unknown (New expos, Museum, touristic places)
  • Our app can also incentivize people to go out their usual way to work in order to unlock content for the game. It can be a way to decrease traffic on certain points.
  • The game can help parents to have their children quiet during long travels with the car, bus or train. Children can learn along the way.