ESNAH is a young dynamic Belgian company active in air navigation safety for general aviation.

Founded in 2012 by

  • Nicolas Hanse

  • Aurélie Simon

Incubation period

01-06-2012 to 31-05-2014



SkyLiberty is a new service based on a software product, which aims to improve the preparation and the performance of flight navigations. It offers a full set of new concepts and services for pilots and aircraft operators. The objectives of SkyLiberty are to develop, qualify and validate an end-to-end service centred around an aeronautical software application with a focus on flight safety and reduction of fuel consumption.

Contact info

    • Rue du commerce, 19
    • B-6900
    • Marche en Famenne
    • Belgium
  • +32 61231723

The challenge

The preparation of a flight navigation is often quite long and difficult for pilots who have to find out all relevant information in order to perform a safe and efficient flight. The various information required to prepare and select the best flight route includes airspace status and activation, meteorological context, topography to name a few. Pilots will then confront these data to their type of license, experience and qualifications. Obviously, such a work is of course more complicated for low experienced private pilots than for confirmed professional pilots. Pilots therefore need:

  • An intuitive and easy but reliable access to navigation (aeronautical, geographical, meteorological and aeronautical regulations) data.
  • A system compliant with all national authorities associate to airspaces where pilot may have to fly
  • A real-time solution provided at an acceptable cost

To respond to this needs, ESNAH creates SkyLiberty.

The solution

SkyLiberty relies on 2 main components: the SkyLiberty software and an electronic device named SkyLink. The application offers different services:
For pilots, to support the end-to-end management of flights:
Flight preparation: managt of flight license and medical certificate validity, visualisation of Aeronautical Pub., weather, aircraft status, flight plan.
Flight execution: navigation, weather, real-time aeronautical info, fuel flow.
After the flight: logbook, aircraft flight book, aircraft statistical data, payment.
For aircraft operators: ESNAH provides a complete tool for aircraft fleet management and flight data analyses. The service offer operators they possibility to anticipate maintenance and share important information concerning aircraft status and operability among pilots.