L’autostop au quotidien, l’autostop malin !

Founded in 2016 by

  • Bernard Lambeau

Incubation period

01-03-2016 to 01-09-2016

About Karimii

Karimii was launched with the goal to promote a modernized and safer version of hitchhiking for improving the mobility of non-motorised people for short travels in rural regions. It is presented as a complementary tool to public transports. Karimii revolves around a free application that allows to record travels and to compensate drivers. The application uses geo-location for tracking travel details (point of departure, point of arrival, the itinerary and mileage).

Contact info

The challenge

Our main challenge is to prove hitchhiking can prove a very efficient tool and to build a community of early adopters who make hitchhiking in the Karimii’s way ie by identifying themselves along the road and by using the app (although this is not mandatory).
We target the population who don’t (always) use a personal car for short daily moves. These are students, teenagers, first-time job seekers, temporary workers, public transports users and low income workers.

The solution

The Solution and non-space benefit (Explanation of your solutions (product / service provided), description of how it solves identified problems, who do you cooperate with, what did the technical support contribute)
In addition to ESA-BIC, the Karimii project is supported by several private and public companies, including the Walloon public transport company who considers a modernized and “organized” version of hitchhiking, used in combination with public transports, can help more users to access public transports and somehow compensate the reduction of the public transport offer in rural places.