Broker Focus – Verhaert Netherlands

3 November 2016
Verhaert Connect Icon. Copyright  Verhaert Masters In Innovation
Bosch smart home eyes. Copyright Bosch
Bosch smart home eyes. Copyright Bosch

The ESA space solutions network (NTTI) boasts no less than 15 technology transfer brokers across Europe. All have their own unique talents and many offer wide ranging services supporting and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Our Dutch brokers, Verhaert Netherlands offer the Dutch market a distinctive portfolio. Their most relevant programme is Verhaert Connect, designed to address specific market segments and needs, sharing technology and know-how. The idea is simple – connected products and technologies play a critical role in today’s value process. With the Internet of Things shaping our thinking, Verhaert Connect helps companies, governments and associations to prespare themselves, creating value from connected technologies.

Verhaert Netherlands support organisations with their innovation needs by creating new, breakthrough products, businesses and services. Their Managed Innovation approach covers the entire innovation cycle with particular focus on: creating added value to any step in the process, reducing risk throughout the innovation cycle, and integrating all required disciplines in multidisciplinary teams.

Covering the entire scope of innovation also means that Verhaert Netherlands offers both pre-launch and new product development services. Think of datascience, sensor-, algorithm-, Terminal & wearables- and web & app-development. One such example is the research delivery for the Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera.

Design for growth in the surveillance camera market

In September many new products and innovations were presented at the IFA in Berlin, the leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. Among them the Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera from Bosch. To understand the hidden needs, purchase drivers and job-to-be-done, Verhaert supported Bosch with an international design-driven research.

Next generation domestic surveillance camera

Bosch, a leading manufacturer of professional surveillance cameras, indicated a potential opportunity to extend their product portfolio to the domestic market.

But what defines such a new market, where potential customers have not shown what they would like to have? Where is the gap in this niche and how do we need to fill it in?

Verhaert did a profound research with the ambitious objective to define the next generation domestic surveillance camera. One that would attract the upcoming ‘home automation’ market.

Design-driven research, exploration and validation

The intensive global design-driven research was followed by a thorough design exploration and international validation. This has led to an uncontested, though very intelligible new reference design in the IP camera market.

Smart two-in-one outdoor camera

The result is Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera, a remarkable front door camera which acts as a two-in-one. It detects when someone is outside the door, but also works as a porch light for late night callers.

Users can connect the camera to any IFTTT supported device, like Philips Hue, to simulate one’s presence at home or to receive an alert when someone is at the front door.

Elegant outdoor lighting in an attractive design

The design of Bosch Eyes Camera is the embodiment of the company’s ‘invented for life’ slogan. It reflects the ambition to enhance the quality of life with solutions that are both innovative and beneficial. In a final design stage we embraced Platinumdesign – who did already a great job on former smart home devices – to guard the design details resulting in a very coherent Bosch product family. Because we are convinced that good design is thorough down to the last detail. With its friendly look Bosch Eyes Camera differentiates from the aggressive ‘bullet-shaped’ camera while still being perceived as very performing towards image quality and detection accuracy.


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