When space meets Health

12 October 2016
When Space Meets Health

Health industry could work with space industry to create common solutions. A workshop on 8 November with healthcare professionals and space engineers from ESA will focus on defining cross-synergy and joint activities between the two sectors.

Part of ESA's Innovation Exchange and a follow-on to the Space for Inspiration in London in September, the workshop is a result of ESA's new engagement strategy to work with other sectors to involve industry and other stakeholders closer in the Agency's space activities and to define what space exploration could take direct advantages of.

Participants will include WHO, the worldwide healthcare initiative EIT Health, and Charité Berlin, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe.

Organised by ESA's Human Space Flight and Robotics Exploration directorate with support from ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office, the workshop will focus on the transfer of medical know-how and space-based technologies for the benefit of both space exploration and society on Earth.

The one-day workshop aim is to initiate a closer collaboration between ESA experts, medical specialists and experts in complementary field of knowledge, to initiate activities which could help to find quicker solutions to health problems.

Join the workshop to form the future space healthcare collaboration

More on the one-day “ESA Innovation Exchange: When space meets health” workshop and for registration here.