Success Stories

3D Printing our Future in Space and on Earth

5 March 2018

Setting up a future lunar base could be made by using a 3D printer to build it by using lunar soil. Hear ESA engineer Tommaso Ghidini exciting talk about 3D printing both in space and on Earth, and how it can revolutionize the world.

Boosting electric cars

28 February 2018

Norwegian company Zaptec has created the world’s first portable charger to power up electric cars anywhere, anytime, by transferring technology developed for ESA for a drill for probing Mars, the Moon and asteroids.

Fighting fire the space way

23 February 2018

Start-up ExxFire from ESA BIC Noordwijk has turned space technology into a efficient fire suppression solution. A Japanese paint manufacturer and a Swedish truck manufacturer have already selected ExxFire for their Dutch production facilities.

Ensuring fresh air for all

20 February 2018

The start-up company AirGloss from ESA´s Italian Business Incubation Centre ESA BIC Lazio is offering affordable air-quality monitors for homes, schools and businesses using technology it developed for the International Space Station.

Protective underwear for welders thanks to spin-off from ESA astronaut spacesuits

The Heat is On

14 February 2018

Thanks to ESA and a high-tech fabric used in spacesuits, Swedish steelworkers will soon be wearing safer and cooler underwear to work.