Open Call Technology Demonstrators 2018


Using space technologies for terrestrial applications

The demonstrator projects involve the development and testing of European space technology or know-how in non-space applications, with the aim to achieve a technology transfer. In the technology transfer demonstrators it is expected that the potential receiver of the technology is involved in the project and is willing to work in the endeavor to bring a space technology to a non-space product/application. Demonstrators are meant to reduce the risk of using space technologies in other applications, thus projects that have not already proved the potential use in the proposed (or similar) non-space application, will have a higher potential of selection. 

Which technologies are available to you?

The technology you want to use in a terrestrial application has to have a space origin to be accepted for selection. If you have a technical challenge and are not certain if a space technology can offer a feasible solution, find your innovative solution in the following websites. 

Find your technology

Find ESA patents


What is in it for you?

€39.000 EURO for you to cover technical costs of demonstrating the use of a space technology into a non-space application. The main costs that will be accepted are related to the implementation of the demonstrators (workforce, materials, equipment) . Indicatively maximum 10 projects will be selected.


Open Calls Technology Transfer

All proposals should be sent by email to

In order to be eligable for consideration in the next wave, please submit your proposal before:

23:59 on May 25th

There will be a total of three selection waves, or until funding is not available. Selection dates for the next waves are June 22nd and August 24th.

What should be in your application?

Your application should include a cover letter, an executive summary, a full proposal and a letter of intent from a technology receiver or interested party. Information on what each chapter should contain is found in the template.

You can download the template for the application here: 2018 application template 

How will the winner be selected?

The winning projects will be selected based on several criteria:

  • Current development status - Is the technology developped sufficiently for transfer to a terrestrial application? (15%)
  • Attractiveness of the Non-Space market - An estimate of the potential value of the application (20%)
  • Novelty and IPR - Can this result in a competitive advantage? What is the status of the Intellectual Property Rights? (20%)
  • Project feasibility - The likelyhood that the demonstrator will meet its technical objectives (25%)
  • Need for a demonstrator - The likelyhood that this demonstrator will increase the chance of a transfer happening, f.e. impact compared to existing/alternative funding schemes. To ensure that the demonstrator project can result in a technology transfer and commercial application a clear letter of support from a receiver is expected. (20%)

Applicants will be invited to present and answer questions about their proposal during a telco with a panel of experts.

You can download the general guidelines and information for this call here: 2018 guidelines and information

Contact person

Alexander Frimout

+32 3 250 19 00

Contact your local broker

Your local broker is best suited to help you with your application. They can provide valuable tips and feedback to improve to odds of your application being selected.

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