Space Solutions Alliance

What is the Space Solutions Alliance?

In 2017 ESA Space Solutions launched the Space Solutions Alliance as a network for space and non-space corporate organisations, research institutes and public institutions to work with and strengthen high tech start-ups hosted at ESA’s Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs). 

The Space Solutions Alliance is now re-born with an even bolder vision of accelerating the commercial and societal impact of the ever-expanding portfolio of ESA Space Solutions companies (companies that are funded and supported through either the ESA BICs or the ESA Business Applications programme.   
The Alliance is a collaboration mechanism that empowers entrepreneurship and commercial applications through creating purpose-driven partnerships with space and non-space actors based on clear offers and stakes by each side.  
Allies of Space Solutions fall within the following categories: Corporate Organisations, NewSpace SMEs, Public Institutions, Investors and Academia. 

How does the Space Solutions Alliance drive impact?

The Space Solutions Alliance builds partnerships and creates impact with synergistic effect by abiding to the below objectives:

  • Accelerating the entrepreneurship and commercial development of existing ESA Space Solutions companies through engagement opportunities with Space Solutions allies. This can take various shapes from direct commercial opportunities to mentoring, training and the provision of technical expertise. 
  • Diversifying space as a business through the ESA Business Applications programme or other ESA programmes and shaping emerging space solutions. This can be a partnership related to requirements gathering and promotion activities for one or more of the thematic opportunities of ESA Business Applications or other ESA programmes.  
  • Enabling sustainability and global change by coming together with all the allies and gaining a deeper understanding of global problems and challenges related to sustainability.

Interested to engage with ESA Space Solutions companies across Europe and to be part of a purpose-driven network by becoming a Space Solutions Ally?

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