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ESA space solutions brokers are the key developers of commercial transfer opportunities. They advocate ESA's own Intellecual Property Rights (IPR), supporting both spin-off and spin-in transfers.

Our broker network actively boosts European global competitiveness. We fuel industry-innovation and growth by transferring space technology, systems, services and know-how to non-space sectors.




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Knowing exactly how space can benefit your business may not always be obvious. Our technology brokers are experts in assessing market needs in areas where there is a high potential for exploiting space technology. They provide comprehensive advice, research, market studies, product development services and more to support you - before, during and after transfer.

Our technologies

Our technologies

Ready to take off

MUST (Mission Utility & Support Tools) is a system at ESA?s European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) that provides high-performance access to ...

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Filament winding is a manufacturing process for high-performance composite material parts and components, which yields products with high strength/wei ...

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Industry Space Days 2018

11 September 2018

Take part in the seventh edition of ESA’s Industry Space Days on 11–12 September by registering for Europe’s largest space innovation B2B mee

Success Stories

Top tomatoes thanks to Mars missions

11 April 2018

Next time you eat a tomato or sweet pepper, take a closer look, because there’s a good chance that its healthy appearance is thanks to one of US President Barack Obama’s speeches and ESA research for sending people on long-duration space missions.

Space technologies aid-solar-powered global flight bid

Success story - Energy and Power

The solar impulse single pilot aircraft will be designed to fly around the world powered by solar energy