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Technology Broker network

ESA Technology Brokers work to facilitate the commercialisation of space technologies, know-how, and competences into viable business opportunities for other industries. The Broker Network works to identify innovation challenges from a diverse range of industries and solves them using technology developed by the European space industry. 
Space technology comes in many forms but can be often characterised by: lightweight, durable, and maintenance-free, whilst being resistant to radiation, thermal extremes, and high levels of vibration. This makes it highly appropriate for use by innovative companies in other industries who are looking to gain a competitive advantage.




Supporting industry

Innovate with space

Knowing exactly how space can benefit your business may not always be obvious. Our Technology Brokers are experts in assessing market needs in areas where there is a high potential for exploiting space technology. They provide comprehensive advice, research, market studies, product development services and more to support you - before, during and after transfer.
Your business innovation needs are supported by ESA’s Technology Broker Network.