Ready to take off

Verhaert Masters in Innovation is a leading company offering integrated product innovation services. We have a customer-orientated approach focused on breakthrough products, systems and business innovations. By converging user needs and business requirements with expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, we maximize the innovation potential of your organization.

The ESA brokerage in Germany is conducted by two firms: Centrum für Satellitennavigation Hessen (cesah) and EurA.
Both have excellent networks to propel space technologies to excellent 'down-to-Earth' applications for your industry needs.

Drawing on our 20 years of experience in innovation management we provide engineering consultancy in the field of innovation and technology transfer. We select with you the tools and resources which are best adapted to your needs.

To achieve its objectives, CREACTION assists Luxembourg-based start-ups and SMEs, no matter what their field of business, with identifying and integrating space applications which can satisfy their innovation needs or solve a technological problem.

IPN has more than two decades of experience in innovation and technology transfer and since its creation in 1991 the company has participated in more than 200 R&TD projects in consortia or by contracts with more than 200 companies, some of those outputting patented products.