Imaging system for 3D measurement and surface inspection

Ref-Nr: TDO0141

Exomars mars rover equipped with stereo system

Technology abstract

An Austrian publicly owned research company offers solutions for 3D measurement and surface inspection employed in the navigation of autonomous landers on distant planets. Applications on Earth include quality assurance in industrial production and the maintenance of tunnels. The company is looking for cooperation partners to transfer their knowledge to new fields of application.


Technology Description

An Austrian publicly owned research company has developed 3D measurement and surface inspection solutions for a wide range of applications, ranging from remote sensing to industrial inspection systems. There is a constant fruitful exchange of experience between the space sector and the non-space sector. Systems developed for Space have been adapted for the quality control of 24/7 industry production in rough environments, like steel mills. Further, these systems can be used in engineering to provide automatic measurements of complex shapes like turbine plates. In tunnels, mobile 3D measurement supports construction at different stages and provides data for monitoring, e.g. automatic crack detection, measurement, classification and documentation.

Depending on the specific object size, available space, required resolution and scanning time different approaches are selected: active or passive stereo, sheet of light using laser beams or shape from shadow methods. Surface inspection can either be realized by direct 3D measurements, or by indirect methods, achieving higher lateral resolutions and allowing higher speed.

Integrated in a structured software development environment, individual processing cues can be established, covering requirements from the image acquisition with different types of (multiple) sensors to image processing operations, feature generation, classification and measurement. It is possible to record raw and preprocessed data, and to add result presentation on high-end graphic devices and automatic data base documentation.

The organization is internationally recognized as a center of excellence in the fields of image processing, image analysis, mobile computing, digital photogrammetry and robotic vision. Facilities include high-performance computers as well as extensive image analysis, vision, mobile computing devices, robotics, geodesy, photogrammetry, computer-graphics equipment and software libraries.

Innovations & Advantages

The main advantages of this offer are:

  • Huge pool of modules for 3D measurement and surface inspection available
  • Established software development process
  • Well proven systems for research, laboratory and hard industrial environment use
  • Experience to manage projects covering complete processing cues starting from technology- and sensor selection up to turnkey systems
  • Scientists and engineers with more than 25 years of experience in the field of image processing and contactless 3D measurement
  • Continued research and development applied in international funded projects as well as in direct industry contracts, guaranteeing leading edge solutions


Current and Potential Domains of Application

Our systems for 3D measurement and surface inspection are used in:

  • Mars lander
  • Tunnel construction
  • Tunnel maintenance
  • Steel mill applications (from rails to wires)
  • Forging of plane and engine components
  • Door production in an automated batch-size-one factory
  • Parquet production line
  • Stair production
  • Medical CT scanning and treatment planning