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Verhaert Masters in Innovation is the Belgian broker in ESA's Technology Transfer Network. Our aim is to exploit space technologies in the development of new innovative products. Technologies and components in space are extremely: efficient, reliable and sustainable. Therefore, space is a bottomless source of inspiration for innovation. We support entrepreneurs who are looking for successful solutions to technological issues. And initiate a technology transfer process between technology provider and receiver. Our services within this project include opportunity scans, feasibility studies and building demonstrators. Projects can be financed by ESA and Belspo.

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About ESA Broker Belgium

Leading integrated product innovation company

Verhaert Masters in Innovation is a leading company offering integrated product innovation services. We have a customer-orientated approach focused on breakthrough products, systems and business innovations. By converging user needs and business requirements with expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, we maximize the innovation potential of your organization.

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New Open Call for demonstrator proposals

19 May 2017

As Prime broker in ESA’s Technology Transfer Network we want to inform you about the new open call for demonstrator proposals. These projects support the transfer of space technology or know-how to terrestrial applications.

Success Story

€50.000 to boost your start-up

19 January 2018

The programme will award €50.000 to 20 European start-ups every year, to finance their incubation in an incubation or acceleration supporting organisation of their choice.

Automating sample testing thanks to space

A miniaturised biotech unit developed for the International Space Station is improving medical diagnoses on Earth

Thanks to a space technology transfer, this diagnostic device has a level of accuracy that is similar to the higher-throughput processors, typically of 48 strips, at a fraction of the cost.