Leading integrated product innovation company

Verhaert Masters in Innovation is a leading company offering integrated product innovation services. We have a customer-orientated approach focused on breakthrough products, systems and business innovations. By converging user needs and business requirements with expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, we maximize the innovation potential of your organization.

Innovating with space technology has been at Verhaert's core ever since the start of the company. The former space division was spun out to the UK-based Qinetiq in 2009, currently known as Qinetiq Space. Today we focus on helping customers to innovate in all industries: space, FMCG, medical, industry, Internet of Things ... We maintain a strong relationship with te space industry, searching for breakthrough innovation opportunities in non-space applications.

Our clients say we have unique competences to deliver 'concrete ideation': a distinctive ability and behavior to always think creative and conceptual throughout the entire innovation process. Furthermore, Verhaert is capable to make, elaborate and present innovative solutions in the most concrete way. We embody our core competence through:

  • Infrastructure and tools to make everything tangible with rapid prototyping and visual thinking
  • Combination of skills: 8 labs fueling multidisciplinary teams
  • Robust methodology to generate and develop ideas with a reliable, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Wide range of activities allowing a transfer of best practices and technologies: a cross sectoral ecosystem

Find out more at www.verhaert.com

Verhaert is member of Masters in Innovation, a leading product innovation group.