New Open Call for demonstrator proposals

19 May 2017
Open Call for demonstrators

As Prime broker in ESA’s Technology Transfer Network we want to inform you about the new open call for demonstrator proposals. These projects support the transfer of space technology or know-how to terrestrial applications. A lot of success stories illustrate the variety of new commercial opportunities based on space technologies. Apply for this open call and get funding to build a demonstrator project.

Using space technology for terrestrial applications

To maximize the benefits of European investments in space, ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) has launched a new open call for demonstrator proposals. These projects are directed towards the determination and elimination of technical risks when using existing space technology for new terrestrial applications. The demonstrator projects involve the development and testing from European space technology or know-how, with the aim to set up a technology transfer.

Funding of ESA

Do you think you have an opportunity to apply space technology for an earthly application? Get funding up to € 38.000to build a demonstrator project. Priority will be given to projects with a clear ground based commercial application focused on a customer group with defined needs. It is an advantage if specific customers expressed a clear interest in the technology, especially if you involve them in the demonstrator project. In addition, it is also important to define the technical risks you want to tackle.

How to apply?

Submit your proposal regarding the transfer of space technology to a non-space application before 11 August 2017, 12 p.m. CET. Send your submission towards

Read more about the format, instructions and requirements here.

Do you have questions or issues filling out the proposal? Please get in touch with Steffen Entzeroth, coordinator of the Technology Transfer program at Verhaert, by email at or by phone at +32 3 250 19 00.

Need inspiration?

Looking for examples that illustrate the broad area of commercial activity based on technology or know-how from space? Visit the website to read some success stories. The brokers in ESA’s Technology Transfer Network are working to identify new opportunities and to innovate and initiate a technology transfer. Because this is a two-way process, you find a list of space technologies developed in all kinds of sectors.