Whole body vibration platform for rehabilitation & training


Whole body vibration platform for rehabilitation and training, including proprioceptive training device.

Technology abstract

Development of Vibrating platform technology and Proprioceptive training device as support to human space physiology research. The main advantages are the application of a highly efficient vibration at low frequencies and a proprioceptive training device where both feet can move independently (more degrees of freedom). The advantage of this high amplitude at low frequencies is that the training sessions can be longer.

Technology Description

Our technology creates a direct vibration on two platforms. These platforms can also be tilted independently for proprioceptive training. Due to the direct control, the amplitude is fixed and the pre-set amplitude can also be applied in the lower frequencies (existing devices are typically functional between 20 and 50 Hz). The hardware is tested in dry immersion studies, mounted on a press-leg training device.

Specific expertise or know-how: human response tests on a functional prototype were performed.

Potential application fields:

  • Training of sportsmen
  • Confidence training in elderly people

Innovations & Advantages

The key advantages of the Whole Body Vibration Technology and proprioceptive training device are:

  • A set amplitude can be delivered in the whole vibration spectrum
  • Independent control of both feet

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Rehabilitation, sports training, healthy ageing …