Deployment mechanism using material with shape memory for motorization


Technology abstract

• The mechanism comes from Czech republic • Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. (limited liability, commercial entity) • Deployment mechanism for space and non-space applications • Deployment of antennas, booms and solar arrays • Lower costs, lower mass, no need of damping mechanisms, controlled deployment • The mechanism could be offered to space market either for ESA or commercial space projects as well as for non-space applications

Mature manufacturing company. Vodafone company of the year 2017.

- Pavel Habarta -

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Technology Description

Deployment mechanism using SMA (shape memory alloy) for motorization. It could be used for deployment of solar arrays, antennas and large booms. The know – how comes from development of boom for the JUICE mission. This mechanism was developed in cooperation with L.K. Engineering s.r.o. (Brno, Czech republic). This company is in charge of design and analysis with production documentation while Frentech takes part in design review, manufacturing, assembly and testing.

Innovations & Advantages

Main innovative feature is controlled deployment without need of damping system (no latching shock) which decreases number of mechanical parts and whole complexity of the mechanism. Can be used for synchronized deployment of solar arrays.

Further Information

The functionality of the mechanism was successfully tested on demonstration model with Phase 1 of the ESA project for the JUICE mission.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

SMA, mechanism, deployment
The mechanism could be used mainly for space applications for deployment of large booms, antennas and solar arrays. In non-space it can be used in sectors where non-return movements are needed (for example on places with limited access) in areas like construction engineering, geological research, etc.