Development of software for critical applications


Systems, Software and Data Science

Technology abstract

Space Systems Czech is a Czech company specialised in safety-critical software development for space applications in the field of R&D, software development, software verification and validation, (space) data processing and artificial intelligence. The company specializes in the development of flight software for artificial satellites and processing of satellite data, but space technologies can be successfully transferred to other disciplines where highly reliable software is needed.

Space Systems Czech is young and very progressive Czech space company with high ambitions in providing their services in non-space industries. It is rapidly growing and their sister relationship with Space Systems Finland provides another know-how and human capacity for additional projects.

- Pavel Habarta -

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Technology Description

- The space heritage of the group of Space Systems Czech and Space Systems Finland is enormous; the group personnel has over 400 working years experience in international space projects. Also, there are 17 launched satellites carrying software designed or verified by us and 15 under work or waiting to be launched. - We build the documentation in line with ECSS standards under which software developments are taking place. - We are able to deliver verification and validation of your present or planned software. - A typical project in the space industry consists of making an offer to the potential client, exact requirements specification, detailed design provision, development, verification and integration into the client's system.

Innovations & Advantages

The safety-critical software development using our expertise will provide compare to the standard commercial products the following advantages: - Much higher reliability of the software (failure is not an option). - System robustness. - Higher work intensity during software functionalities definition is balanced by 100% reliability of the system. - Smooth integration to current client´s systems.

Further Information

Systems engineering forms the framework for project work. Planning and design demonstrate feasibility of the solution and set requirements for data and software. Systems thinking sets guidelines for data analysis and software development, and monitors end product quality so that set goals are achieved. We understand the dynamics of complex systems, their interfaces, lifecycles and operating practices. This enables us to model necessary system components to provide meaningful analysis: data measurements are mapped to functional behavior. Finally, every system today is at least partially relying on software. The software may control vital operations, show a user interface, provide a test environment, or anything in between. Nevertheless, software is not the only component of the solution. It forms the bridge between functional operation and the collected data so that the system can fulfil its mission. Please see the picture on next page.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

space systems, software development, asteroid mining, asteroid prospecting, highly reliable software, data processing, verification, safety critical system, safety critical software, artificial satellites, software engineering, artificial intelligence

  • automotive, aircraft and rolling stock industries, nuclear power plants or medical facilities

  • Even more reliable software, however, will have to be engaged in autonomous car systems.

  • Another suitable non-space application is in securing national cybersecurity of national ICT backbone networks.