Expandable low temperature cure adhesive.


Prototype of two component expandable low temperature cure adhesive system.

Technology abstract

- The offered product is an adhesive for binding foams and metals.
- The product was developed by TOSEDA s.r.o., an SME working in R&D and small scale production of hi-tech polymeric and nanocomposite materials
- The adhesive is unique for its applicability at room temperature followed by expansion due to development of non-toxic gases.
- The adhesive provides excellent thermo-mechanical properties and withstands cryogenic conditions relevant to space environme

- Private group -

I see a big potential of application in many industrial sectors as the company is quite flexible in adjusting the production formula. Even if the company is a SME, it is rapidly expanding and delivering ambitious results. Definitely, it is one of Czech SME R&D champions.

- Pavel Habarta -

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Technology Description

- The adhesive is a two component epoxy based system modified by tailor designed nanostructures and containing non-toxic blowing agent. Curable by amines.
- Originally designed as high performance, low density and low cost adhesive for space industry. Particularly for binding insulation foams to aluminium alloy honeycomb plates used in assembly of upper stage cryogenic tanks for liquid propellants for launchers.
- Applicable also in aerospace, defence, automotive, construction and other industries.
- TOSEDA owns the know-how related to the formulation and technology for the production of the adhesive.

Innovations & Advantages

- Easy applicable (viscosity ≤ 5 Pa.s; pot-life more than 2 h) for instance by injection
- Expandable immediately after application (development of non-toxic gases)
- Low temperature curing regime below 50 °C
- Extremely low density (d ≤ 0.25 g/cm3; 5x lower compared to conventional adhesives)
- Narrow cell size distribution (200-500 nm)
- Low thermally and electrically conductive system
- Very good tensile strength ≥ 2.5 MPa
- Excellent adhesion to metallic and foam surfaces
- Resistant to thermal-cycling
- Reduction of weight and costs of materials

Further Information

The disadvantages of the previously used commercial adhesives were high weight, high curing temperature leading to degradation of the cryogenic foam, low adhesion to foam and aluminium, and low resistance to thermal cycling accompanied by cracking and the joints disintegration. The new type of adhesive developed by TOSEDA overcomes all the mentioned critical issues.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Adhesive preferably designed for space industry.
Applicable in aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics, construction and possibly also in other industries.