One component epoxy adhesive.


Prototype of a one component epoxy base adhesive (syntactic foam encapsulant).

Technology abstract

- The offered product is a low density and low temperature cure one component epoxy based adhesive for gluing metals and carbon based composites.
- The product was developed by TOSEDA s.r.o., an SME working in R&D and small scale production of hi-tech polymeric and nanocomposite materials from Czech Republic.
- The adhesive is unique for its long term storability at room temperature and post curing below 80 °C.
- The adhesive provides excellent thermo-mechanical properties and with

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I see a big potential of application in many industrial sectors as the company is quite flexible in adjusting the production formula. Even if the company is a SME, it is rapidly expanding and delivering ambitious results. Definitelly, it is one of Czech SME R&D champions.

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Technology Description

- The adhesive is a one component encapsulated and/or latent form of epoxy based syntactic foam system modified by tailor designed nanostructures.
- Specially formulated for robotic application in space industry (satellites assembly) and/or aerospace industry, where low weight and low temperature curing regime is preferable.
- Applicable in space, aerospace, defence, automotive, construction and other industries.
- TOSEDA owns the know-how related to the formulation and technology for the production of the adhesive.

Innovations & Advantages

- Encapsulated and latent form of syntactic foam
- Storable at RT for more than 3 months for latent system and one year for encapsulated type
- Low density ≈ 0.6 g/cm3
- Easy applicable by injection (suitable for robotic application)
- Activation by temperature and/or ultrasound
- Post-curing at ≤ 80 °C
- Tg ≥ 90 °C
- Excellent mechanical properties at thermal cycling
- Good adhesion to aluminum alloy and carbon composite substrates

Further Information

The previously used commercial adhesives are two component systems requiring redispersion of sedimented fillers before application. Another drawback of the commercial adhesives is too short pot life leading to generation of about 40 % mass waste during processing the reaction mixture by injection. The new type of adhesive developed by TOSEDA overcomes all the mentioned critical issues.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Adhesive preferably designed for space industry.
Applicable in aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics, construction and possibly also in other industries.
The new type of adhesive developed by TOSEDA is compared to commercially available products a one component systems stable at room temperature for more than 3 months, without any evidence of sedimentation or chemical reaction. The new adhesive allows highly effective robotic implementation with easy activation by external stimuli (temperature, ultrasound) and low temperature post curing regime (below 80 °C). The adhesive is available in form of a syntactic foam tremendously reduces weight. It provides excellent thermo-mechanical properties and adhesion to aluminum alloys even at conditions relevant to space environment (outgassing, vacuum, thermal cycling etc.). The TOSEDA’s production is also cost effective.