Optical Measurement Operating System (OMOS) providing assembly check-ups, control/inspection and laboratory and in-field measurements.


MDRS1 - Measurement of radial displacement on habitat structure due to application of external load

Technology abstract

Technology of optical assembly inspection and measurement is being developed in the Czech Republic by Sobriety s.r.o., developer of customized computer vision solutions such as eye tracking or transparent parts 3D scanner for automotive industry. Offered system can be used in non-space sector for short and long-term movement and deformation inspection of construction stability such as bridges or buildings.

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I see a big potential of application in many sectors as the company is quite flexible in adjusting the design to fit the specific needs. Even if the company is a SME, it is rapidly expanding and delivering ambitious results.

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Technology Description

OMOS technology was developed within the EU 7th FP Space project SHEE where in addition to Czech researchers, experts from France, Austria, Belgium and Estonia, coming from seven partner institutions, contributed to the SHEE project. The aim of this project was Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments (SHEE), the first space base simulator funded and developed by Europe [see www.shee.eu] The offered OMOS technology was developed by Sobriety s.r.o. to provide an optical control of selected items which could be damaged during the habitat´s mission and packing process. As such the system compares actual position of scoped object with its reference or required position and evaluates its differences and changes in rotations. This technology could be used as a measuring system during a bridge load test as well as for long-term movement sensor for big constructions built on unstable subsoil or for the soil movement itself in dangerous slopes.

Innovations & Advantages

Use of this technology in civil engineering for construction load tests would bring much more information from a single load cycle as a multi-point measurement and a post-process evaluation can be performed. And so in comparison with conventional methods an employment of this optical technology would save resources by mean of the time and cost. Thanks to sub-pixel accuracy of the offered technology a benefit of higher resolution will most probably appear as well.

Further Information

Use of OMOS installed on a central computer brings many uses. When applied to space habitat OMOS can provide control during the deployment process. Later OMOS serves as an inspection system observing the habitat and peripheral structures status. At the same time a dedicated camera connected to OMOS can be used in habitats laboratory to provide non-contact measurements of geometric parameters or perform 3D scanning. A stereo camera pair can be mounted to EVA suit using wireless communication to provide online in-field measurements by mean of “point-and-measure”.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Optical measurements, computer vision, construction testing, Optical Measurement Operating Systém

This method can find the highest potential of use in the aerospace industry and civil engineering employing a multi-camera setup to create a Camera Cloud System capable of high accuracy measurement of new or existing large or long structures such as the aircraft wings dynamics measurement during ground vibration tests and prodera tests or the bridges measurement during their loading tests or periodical inspections. High benefit is possibility of measuring the very same quantities as those being calculated during design phase. Other domain of application is long-term observing of dangerous slopes or glacier movements.