Shock attenuators for electronic boxes mounted on-board launchers and satellites


Technology abstract

Based in Limonest (69), the French SME METRAVIB develops shock attenuators for electronic boxes mounted on-board launchers and satellites. The technology relies on elastomer bushes that can be used in all applications where shocks and vibrations play an important role. The bushes can be adapted to specific interface constraints and to the effective mass requiring shock attenuation.

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Technology Description

During the launch phases, the separation of stages and the launcher’s fairing is activated by systems based on pyrotechnic cuts. Such systems generate very highly energetic shock waves that propagate very quickly inside the structures up to the equipment feet. Consequently, an equipment close to a cut zone can undergo severe damages (local destructions, malfunctions, significant performance reduction, etc.) jeopardizing the satellite mission. METRAVIB SHOCK ATTENUATORS, based on elastomer bushes, have been designed and qualified to comply with Satellite manufacturers’ technical specifications for electronic boxes mounted on-board launchers and satellites.
Several designs are available in order to accommodate electronic box masses from 4 to 40 kg.
The technology can be applied to several sectors, in particular when electronic boxes undergo shocks or vibrations (railway sector, transportation in severe environments, construction equipment, Formula 1, …)

Innovations & Advantages

METRAVIB shock absorbers can be adapted to specific interface conditions and to the effective mass which needs shock attenuation. They exhibit a stable shear modulus on a large range of temperatures (-40°C to 120°C).
Compactness and easy mounting are additional valuable advantages to be underlined.
Moreover METRAVIB shock absorbers are delivered with controlled performance on each axis for every single piece produced.
An extension to lighter equipment protection is foreseen.   

Current and Potential Domains of Application

The technology is currently used during the launch and separation phases of satellite launchers. Other domains of application include railway, transportation, Formula 1, construction equipment and aerospace.