Johannes Schmidt

Executive Board at EurA Consult AG Office Aachen


Johannes Schmidt has a diploma in Aerospace Engineering and is expert in Technology Transfer. Johannes Schmidt has 18 years of work experience in the aerospace sector. From 1993 Mr. Schmidt was involved in the ESA Technology Transfer Programme (TTP) and took over a leading position in the field of national and transnational technology transfer from space to non-space applications for the German national aeronautics and space research centre (DLR) and the ESA, including the management of a consortium of companies from ESA-member states. Until the beginning of 2011, the ESA Technology Transfer Network (TTN) and the National Technology Transfer Initiatives (NTTIs) had initiated more than 220 successful space technology transfers involving exploitation agreements between space technology providers and receivers from different industrial sectors since the beginning of the ESA TTP in 1990. In addition, he was also in a leading position for the technology transfer of technologies from NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) into the aerospace sector.

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