composite honeycomb structure - CCORE


Technology abstract

CCORE® is characterised by its homogeneous honeycomb, where no adhesive bonding is needed.

Technology Description

As part of a national ESA development programme,  the open-pore CFRP honeycomb named CCORE was developed. CCORE has a very high temperature stability as well as a low volumetric weight and high stiffness. These material properties are key to the main application of the CFRP honeycomb: in optical structures or reflector antennas for space.
CCORE® is characterised by its homogeneous honeycomb, where no adhesive bonding is needed. CCORE® is available in various configurations, such as materials, densities, perforated walls, etc., allowing the honeycomb structure to be used for numerous applications. All CCORE® manufacturing processes are performed in Germany so that CCORE® can be sold ITAR free, the raw materials also being ITAR free products.
Standard Dimensions, Tolerances: CCORE® is available in a standardized block size of 900 (L) x 600 (W) x 180 (T) mm and a cell size of 10 mm. On special orders the technology provider has the capability of manufacturing CCORE® in other dimensions. Further on, specified shapes can be milled out of the honeycomb block on special request.

  • Sheet Thickness 4 - 180 mm
  • Standard Tolerances ± 50 µm
  • Density Tolerances ± 10 %

Mechanical Properties:
Mechanical properties obtained from different CCORE® types. A overview table with fibre types are available.

Thermo-mechanical properties as CTE, outgassing and thermal conductivity from specific configurations can be determined on request.

CCORE® honeycomb should be handled with care. Gloves should be worn and bending of the product is not recommended.

Innovations & Advantages

Depending on the fibre and resin types applied, the following features can be  achieved:  

  • High stiffness  
  • High strength  
  • Low density  
  • High or low thermal conductivity  
  • Low CTE & CME (high thermal stability)  
  • High service temperatures
  • ITAR free  
  • Venting holes to enable vaccum applications

Current and Potential Domains of Application

The common fields of application for CCORE® are highly stable and low weight sandwich structures for the aerospace industry. High frequency band antenna reflectors used in space or optical benches are only two examples where highly precise and  thermo elastically stable structures are required and CCORE® is used. The variety of  different honeycomb types allows an adaptable use of CCORE® in several industry fields.