DISPAL® – the lightweight construction material of the future


component made of DISPAL material

Technology abstract

Aluminum – a modern material which has been fascinating engineers and designers alike for decades. The properties of this material are impressive. One result is the high-performance DISPAL® material.


Technology Description

By means of the powder metallurgical process which involves spray compaction, the high-alloy smelter solidifies extremely quickly. The material created in this manner possesses a particularly fine grain and homogenous structure and is free of inclusions and oxides. Products made from DISPAL® material have asserted themselves on the market-place thanks to their optimal wear and tear properties, higher stability and rigidity, very good heat dissipation as well as considerable weight-savings in system comparisons with parallel materials and technologies. Whether light construction components for engines and gearboxes or semi-finished items for the machine construction industry, products made from DISPAL® material ensure consumption and weight reductions and additionally provide a multitude of performance enhancements.

Innovations & Advantages

The trend towards weight saving in the automobile sector progresses inexorably. The DISPAL® material is making a great contribution in this respect: High rigidity, good thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to wear and tear predestine this high-performance material for a wide range of applications in engines and gearboxes. There is no limit to the number of ways in which our products can be processed. They are currently being used for cylinder sleeves, oilpump gears, con-rods, bearing seats as well as inlet valves. And there is no end to other possible applications.

The material of the future has to be ecological, rigid, dimensionally stable and yet light-weight.This is what science and industry demand. Our high-performance DISPAL® aluminum material fulfi ls all these criteria with ease. Special alloy systems provide a wide scope of specifi c material properties which have proven themselves on the market place for many years.

Its excellent high temperature strength, its exceptional dimensional stability, its low thermal expansion – and all of these qualities embodied in an extremely light-weight material with 100% recyclability – guarantee that highprecision machines run smoothly and precisely. All these properties also predestine DISPAL® for applications in units where high rotation speeds are involved.

Further Information

Further technical properties:

  • Thermal conductivity, adaptable from 90 to 160 W/(m•K)
  • Up to 60 % weight-savings in comparison with steel and iron casting alloys
  • Resistance to wear and tear on the same level as cast iron alloys
  • 30 % more rigidity than conventional aluminum alloys
    Elasticity modulus of up to 115 GPA
  • Thermal Expansion, adaptable from steel (¬ = 14•10-6/K ) to aluminum/magnesium ( ¬ = 23•10-6/K ) by adding up to 40 % silicon to the alloy melt.
  • High temperature stability at application temperatures of up to 450 °C
  • Dimensional stability comparable with steel and iron-casting alloys
  • Very good formability and machinability resulting from its fine and homogenous morphology.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

DISPAL® materials for the use of lightweight components offer a wide range of possibilities in the following application fields:

  • automotive
  • optical industry
  • linear motion technology and pumps
  • compressors
  • aerospace industry.