Smart Collaboration Software for Engineers


Technology abstract

The browser-based software enables engineers to collaboratively develop better satellites, rockets and other complex hardware products. AIRBUS, DLR, OHB, Luxspace and Gomspace are some of the customers.
It reduces the development costs of complex hardware by >15% by providing an agile engineering tool, which avoids costly inconsistencies among thousands of design documents.
It is industry-agnostic and has successfully been tested in the non-space sector.

Technology Description

The software is a smart collaboration platform for engineers. It stores and structures engineering data and makes it all accessible through a web interface. Engineers collaborate inside the platform in real time, iterate design options, keep track of technical changes, analyse and visualize their data. This provides traceability of discussions and decisions throughout the entire life cycle of a project.
It integrates easily with many common engineering tools already in use, and itself provides an API allowing for advanced automation, scripting and optimization. The software is fully complementary to the CAD, PLM and ERP systems that many companies already have.
It can be used throughout all design phases to digitize complex product development:

  • For early design and concept studies, using a concurrent engineering approach, design trades can be performed quickly and studies can be executed in days instead of months. It seamlessly integrates with existing simulation tools such as Matlab or Pyhton.
  • For detailed design phases, hundreds of engineers can collaborate across disciplines and even across company borders on the same model of the hardware that is being developed. All engineering data is stored in a single place with complete history and traceability, so that engineers and project-managers always keep a complete technical overview and costly mistakes and re-work is avoided.
  • For prototyping/production stages the platform allows to trace margins and requirements from the early design and automatically compare them to test-data. Test-reports are generated and updated automatically, as well as other technical documentation for internal and external use

Innovations & Advantages

  • Collaboration platform for Engineers (instead of hundreds of unconnected documents, spreadsheets and simulation files)
  • Saves >15% of total engineering costs of complex hardware developments, because of digitization and avoidance of mistakes and re-work.
  • The change of one single engineering value (e.g. component power consumption) propagates and updates within seconds hundreds of related values (e.g. battery-discharge time, heat generation, lifetime, etc.), simulations (e.g. charging cycle analysis) and documents (e.g. user manuals, test specifications, etc.).
  • Browser-based tool with a very short learning curve (proficient after <1 hour of online training).
  • Can be securely installed on company-servers and deployed to thousands of engineers within an organization in less than a day of setup.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Engineering for:

Aeronautics, Maritime, Robotics, Medical Equipment, Industrial Plant Design, Oil&Gas, Megaprojects, Energy, Industrial Equipment, Automotive, Off-Highway Automotive