Systems and Safety Engineering for Space Applications


Technology abstract

Systems and safety engineering ensures mission success not only in space applications. That is why we aim to transfer our knowledge and experience between all technological domains. The offer includes services related to RAMS and systems engineering performed on-site or in the office in Munich (Gilching).

Technology Description

Founded in 2013, the company performs safety and reliability analyses and provides systems and safety engineering consulting services in multiple domains like automotive, aviation, machinery, aerospace and rail transport. Typical analysis methods like FMEA/FMECA, FTA, Requirements Management, HAZOP or PHA/FHA have been applied in various projects and countries. The company has also experience in project management methods that have been applied in such projects to support the safety efforts.
The increasing complexity of systems and the introduction and expansion of standards, codes and certification requirements has led to a cumulative demand for RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) analyses in the high-tech space industry. Especially the implementation of safety criteria is of importance during the development of technologies and products to guarantee a tolerable reduced risk of hazards to individuals and the environment in connection with minimizing the commercial risk. On the basis of long-term experience at the development of systems and a network of specialists the company supports its customers during the execution of functional safety analyses of complex systems. For this purpose they utilize customer-oriented analysis methods and tools considering the respective safety standards and certification requirements. A complete and system-oriented point of view is considered crucial for their work.

Innovations & Advantages

The unique benefit of the service is the possibility to benefit from the synergies based on the experience in and contacts to most technological domains. Not just the space industry performs safety and reliability analyses and has safety management processes. When it comes to performing such analyses for innovative products it is often useful to think outside the box and find out what methods are applied in other domains.

Further Information

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Automotive, aviation, machinery, wind energy, space, rail