KiNNO focuses on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and acts as an intermediary between researchers, engineers, businesses and investors to accelerate the deployment of innovations to the market. KiNNO has established strategic partnerships at European and International level with Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs), entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as public sector in the 3-Helix model.
The company aims at constantly and significantly enhancing technology integration & innovation capacity, technology transfer and market uptake of research results in sectors such as maritime, energy, environment, agro-food, transport and ICT. KiNNO provides a portfolio of support services such as knowledge acquisition: technology scouting and licensing-in; knowledge commercialization: marketing R&D, licensing out, spinning-out new ventures; open innovation schemes and cross-cutting services: strategic analysis, technical and commercial evaluation of knowledge and technologies, project management, and capacity building.
KiNNO offers its services via many channels such as projects, platforms and methodologies and acts as broker for international clients including the European Space Agency (ESA) and the InnoEnergy.
Our Vision
KiNNO aims to match Knowledge and Innovation efforts with large-scale societal challenges that need novel approaches and solutions and to connect entrepreneurs with the support they need to grow and spread their innovations.
"Our vision is to work at international level and assist on boosting entrepreneurship and development for growth and well-being of both businesses and societies".