High-energy density lithium-ion battery for very low temperature (at least -40oC) applications


Technology abstract

A Consortium of two Research Laboratories of a leading University and a Research Institute in Greece along with ESA has developed a silicon based lithium-ion cell, which delivers high energy density with very good stability and performance even at extremely low temperatures. This technology can cover the energy storage needs in different applications at very low climate temperatures. The technology provider is open to different kinds of collaborations.

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Technology Description

The developed rechargeable lithium-ion cell is capable of operating and charging at -40oC, delivering around 150 Wh/kg, at this low temperature, whereas at room temperature the battery can deliver more than 200 Wh/kg with very good stability over cycling. The minimum operating temperature can potentially be lower than -40oC, in the expense of energy density. 

Innovations & Advantages

The ability of this battery to charge/discharge at extremely low temperatures (-40oC) offers a novel energy storage solution to applications that need efficient operation at extreme cold climates and replacing other electrochemical systems already in use with limitations in energy density. The particular solution can cover energy storage needs in applications like electric powered equipment and tools at such low climate temperatures without the need of heat-up devices, thus lowering system complexity, total cost and power consumption. Another advantage of this technology is its compatibility with existing production methods since the battery components’ manufacturing is based on processes and equipment that are currently applied in the energy sector at production level. 

Further Information

This patented technology:
·         Delivers 200 Wh/kg (at +20 oC)
·         Charges at -40 oC (150 KWh/kg at that temperature)
Offering significantly improved performance compared to the current state of the art Li-on cell which delivers 150 Wh/kg (at +20 oC) and charges at -30 oC.
Additionally this battery is lighter and the operation can be performed at -40 oC (and possible beyond) with a high energy density retention.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

This high energy density Lithium-ion cell was developed in order to provide an energy storage solution that can operate at low temperatures for future Landers and surface probes or package missions.  The potential non space applications include electric vehicles (EV) or industrial electric vehicles, such as forklifts, drones, etc and portable electric hand tools and equipment, especially in cold climate countries or for applications at higher altitude.