Hybrid Folded Rectangular Waveguide Filter


Technology abstract

A Europeran orginization has developed an invention related to a group of rectangular waveguide resonators for use in a rectangular waveguide filter. This invention can be used in microwave filters in the front end of ground and satellite payloads. It can help reduce the footprint of the filter and it can enable microwave filters to implement more complex transfer functions. 

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This is a very important invention with high potential because it can reduce the size of the components (waveguide filters) used while increasing the performance of these components, all done in a simple and economically feasible way.

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Technology Description

A waveguide filter is an electronic filter that allows signals of certain frequencies to pass through while rejecting signals of other frequencies. This type of filter is used in order to filter signals of microwave frequencies and they are commonly employed in satellite communications and radio & TV broadcasts. The filtering elements of the waveguide filter, which usually have the form of a metal tube, are waveguide resonators. Depending on the use, these waveguide resonators are stacked together in order to form the filter. The invention relates to a group of resonators that can be used in rectangular waveguide filters and offer a novel design that reduces the size of the filter while increasing the performance.

Innovations & Advantages

One important advantage of this invention is that it reduces the area occupied by the filter. This is very important in mobile and space applications because the available area is very limited. Additionally the invention allows the implementation of more complex transfer functions in technical applications where such microwave filters are used. These advantages are achieved while keeping the manufacturing of the rectangular waveguide filter simple and inexpensive. In the past there were other approaches that proved to be effective in implementing more complex transfer functions but they failed in reducing the footprint of the filter. These approaches either added additional resonators or the filter structure was folded in the horizontal plane and as a result the footprint of the resulting microwave filter was increased.

Further Information

Current and Potential Domains of Application

This invention can be applied to microwave filters in satellite communications and more specifically in the front end of ground and satellite payloads (telecommunication, radars, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), radiometers, radiolinks, etc..). This invention can also be used in telephone networks and in television broadcasting.