Ref-Nr: TDO0154

Technology abstract

A highly specialized tech SME from Greece has developed a methodology for integrating multi-scale reinforcement in composite materials for tailoring their performance (e.g. electrical, mechanical, thermal). The technology has been proven on space composite materials and its advantage is the nearly seamless integration of the multi-scale reinforcement. The aim is to transfer the know-how to other applications in markets such as sports and transport.

This is a highly promising technology for many industries since it can improve crucial properties of composite materials while it can be easily integrated in existing composites production. It has already proven its value in demanding space applications making it ideal for industries where increased performance is crucial.

- Paris Rallis -

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Technology Description

A highly specialized technological SME company from Greece has developed a methodology and has established in-house the related processing pilot line for integrating multi-scale reinforcement in composite materials. The rationale of the developed technology is to tailor the performance (e.g. electrical, mechanical, thermal) of composites. The methodology and the technology have been developed and proven on space approved composite materials for satellites and spacecraft.
Results to date indicate improvements in a series of critical properties such as: electrical conductivity, fracture toughness and thermal conductivity.
The aim of the offer is to transfer the know-how to other industrial sectors and applications (e.g. marine, sports equipment, energy). A collaborative investigation is sought where the offering company will work closely with producers of end products in such markets to create a unique proposition with improved performance based on existing production processes. The collaboration frame is flexible.

Innovations & Advantages

The innovation offered is a result of internal proprietary know how developed under contract from the European Space Agency. The offer gives the opportunity to address performance drawbacks by tailoring the formulation of composites. The methodology and processing technology is compatible with pre-preg technology targeting improved material performance (e.g. electrical/thermal conductivity, fracture toughness, damage tolerance). The advantage of the technology is the nearly seamless integration of the multi-scale reinforcement having minimal impact on existing composites production processes (e.g. autoclave) and other properties.

Further Information

Current and Potential Domains of Application

  • Current Domain of Application: Structural composite materials for space applications
  • Potential Domain of Application: Sporting goods, Lightweight structures/vehicles, Composite components in marine.