Sentixi, a multi-purpose sensor information fusion platform


Technology abstract

The Sentixi platform provides a versatile environment for the processing of multiple, high-rate data streams from various sources and the generation of high-level, high-quality data indicators. In practice, when decisions or alerts have to be made based on a combination of heterogeneous data streams, Sentixi can fuse the data together, and provide the flexibility of defining custom work flows and actions. 

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Technology developed through extended R&D and can be offered as a solution to be integrated in larger surveillance systems. The organization offering the technology has a strong record of providing novel solutions.

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Technology Description

The Sentixi platform consists of the following software modules:
a) the network module is responsible for retrieving sensor data streams and homogenizing them for further processing. The module complies with OGC SOS standard.
b) the fusion module is partially based on the contextor’s theory and leverages the OGC SOS standard for the interoperable integration of sensor data. There are interconnections between contextors and each of them encapsulates detection and fusion algorithms. Such algorithms include Probabilistic Combination of Multiple Evidence Algorithms, Voting algorithms, Aggregation/Missing Value Substitution, Novelty detection algorithm and Crisp value Bayesian Network
c) the storage module, used for sensor data archiving
d) the output module supports basic communication protocols (e-mail, http, data file) and formats the  fusion result in XSLT templates or Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
e) the configurator module is responsible for the deployment of fusion applications
From an operational perspective the Sentixi can be characterized as an event detection engine, which can execute specific fusion applications. A fusion application comprises of a directional connected graph of contextors, with defined external inputs and defined outputs. Each input is a data flow coming from the network, while each output is another data flow dispatched in specific format using a specific protocol adapter.

Innovations & Advantages

  • Heterogeneous data source information fusion
  • Highly scalable platform based on the Jave EE suite
  • Workflow-driven operation model
  • Case-specific customization through an XML Domain Specific Language
  • Standardized interfaces for sensor data feed and fused data delivery (OGC SWE, OASIS CAP)
  • Extensive and expandable pool of stream processing algorithms: Opinion Pool, Voting, Aggregations, Missing Value Substitution, Event/Novelty Detections, Probabilistic Fusion
  • Cascade connectivity for large scale deployments and massive streams
  • Admin GUI for fusion workflow deployment

Further Information

The Sentixi platform can be used in any domain where heterogeneous sensor information needs to be fused for rapid and accurate event detection. A target application has been data from the various sensors onboard autonomous robots for earth and space exploration; for instance  Earth observation satellites for environmental monitoring (e.g. fire detection) or weather monitoring could be potential sources for the platform.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Fire detection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Site surveillance
  • Health monitoring for industrial equipment and facilities
  • Data collection and event detection for smart city sensing infrastructure