the ESA brings a successful technology transfer model to Hungary

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3rd Open Call for Proposals

European Space Agency is opened the 3rd call for demonstrators:

There will be a total of three selection waves, or until funding is not available. In order to be eligable for consideration in the next wave, please submit your proposal before:

CET 12:00 on November 30th.                          

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our office:

The National Technology Transfer Point is now opened in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences‘ Wigner Research Centre for Physics.

The new Hungarian membership has a beneficial impact on the economy and its players as well as the everyday life, since the cooperation will affect dynamically developing areas like satellite navigation, telecommunications, meteorology, health. Our parners will benefit in three ways: help the space and non-space industry to collaborate and generate new business opportunities for both, as well as connecting the country and the industry to know-how and technology from other ESA member states, finally it will also strengthen the innovation and technology transfer capacity of Hungary.


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