Satellite receivers in the 20-40GHz band


Technology abstract

New scientific experiment was conducted in order to survey the future satellite communication frequencies in the Ka-Q bands (20-40GHz). In frame of this research a low noise, high sensitivity downconverter unit was developed that converts the extremely high satellite frequencies to lower frequency bands for easier handling. Device can be used for commercial satellite receivers, for 5G communications or in terrestrial applications where the handling of weak signals are important. 

- Private group -

- Zsuzsanna Tandi -

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Technology Description

The product is the primary radiofrequency unit of a satellite receiver, usually placed in the focal point of a parabolic antenna. The device amplifies and converts the high frequency radio signal to a significantly lower band that can be conducted toward the (usually) indoor part of the receiver. This is an outdoor unit that operates under extreme conditions. The entity is experienced in software radio technology that enables further digital processing of the received signal/data.

Innovations & Advantages

Future communication systems that are planned to introduce in the years of 2020 will apply satellite technologies in the higher frequency bands that are supported by this device. Actually these frequencies are serving only experiments and research, but our technology offers a solution to handle these new bands in commercial applications.

Current and Potential Domains of Application

The main application field is the frontend microwave part of a millimetre band radio receiver for low noise applications in the Ka-Q band. We offer also the digital signal processing on software radio platform.