AMALFI – interoperable QC supervisor


Technology abstract

AMALFI is a software application which is currently employed to perform the Quality Control (QC) inspections of the Earth Observation (EO) products of the ESA satellite missions. 

AMALFI is a comprehensive software tool for Quality Control which reliability has been proven by Space industry. Its interoperability feature is a valuable asset for technological transfer. Indeed, AMALFI applicability in terrestrial domain is straightforward.

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Technology Description

AMALFI provides industry with a versatile quality control platform whichs handle heterogeneous
AMALFI processes today all the inspections which are necessary to certify the EO products
which are acquired by the space station antenna. It used for raw data but also for processed
images. It provides most features which are commonly found in a QC supervisor: monitor and
control the quality of users’ digital data but also inspect data, browse their content, generate
reports, automate daily inspections, run them on remote servers, monitor the inspection servers,
store quality control results into databases, broadcast quality reports to colleagues or file
repository, compute statistics over past inspection results, and more …
AMALFI is designed for system managers which are facing interoperability issues. Indeed, they
deal with software applications which support a definite number of formats. Over time, it often
happens that - for upgrading or obsolescence reasons - system managers need to read new
datasets which format is not supported. They have to reprogram their initial software. This operation is usually time consuming but also can lead to risks.

Innovations & Advantages

onto heterogeneous systems. Heterogeneity may come from their origin (they are not
supplied by different manufacturers) or their version (they were not manufactured with the
same tools)
AMALFI strength is that it can support with reasonable efforts hundreds of different
systems. If AMALFI already support system specification, controlling an unknown system
is immediate. If it does not support it, upgrading AMALFI is generally done in few hours.
Thus, any unknown system becomes automatically controllable without programming
efforts and with a high level of confidence and repeatability. Moreover, systems evolutions
are costless once they are taken into account by the AMALFI.
AMALFI naturally reduces quality control tools development and standardization costs
and limits related evolution efforts, operating disruption and maintenance delays. It also
minimizes dependability and obsolescence risks

Further Information

AMALFI is particularly adapted to domain related with images such as Health. Yet, the
QC inspections may be applied to any other domains.
AMALFI copes well with industry which implies major interoperability issues like mobility
or eco-building and smartgrids. Indeed, AMALFI offers a low operating and enhancement
costs and in the same time provide the scalability required to launch complex information
systems projects.
AMALFI may be decisive in projects dealing with major evolutive issues such as
components heterogeneity, high “tuning” requirements and rapid prototyping or testing

Current and Potential Domains of Application

1.4. Data Communications
2.7. Computer Software
3.1. Electronic Components
3.7. Analytical and Scientific Instrumentation
5.3. Other Medical/Health Related
7.1. Leisure and Recreational Products and Services
7.4. Consumer Products
7.5. Consumer Services
8.2. Industrial Automation
8.3. Industrial Equipment and Machinery
9.1. Transportation
9.2. Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
9.3. Services
9.4. Manufacturing
9.7. Construction and Building Products
9.8. Utilities and Related Firms
9.9. Other (uncategorised)