Digimat, the Material Modeling Platform


Technology abstract

Digimat, the Material Modelling Solution is a Unique, Unified and Integrated Composites Simulation tool, offering capabilities to model the nonlinear multi-scale behavior of advanced materials and has been enriched by a two new features. The first concerns the generation of composite allowable for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Polymer, the second concerns a solution dedicated for the simulation of the Additive Manufacturing Process.

Unique, Unified and Integrated Composites Simulation tool; Closely cooperation and co-development. Very interesting when you want to change of material in process/product manufacturing (i.e. metal to composite) Very good service to implement new solution

- Jean-Paul Henry -

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Technology Description

Digimat Platform has been design to match both aeronautics and aerospace requirement in term of new technology implementation.
DIGIMAT fastens the development of optimal composite parts. Trough micromechanical modeling approaches, DIGIMAT accurately predicts the nonlinear behavior of complex multi-phase materials. It allows to understand the relationship between the material microstructure with its performance through material advanced modeling.
Digimat Platform can support the development of any composite structures like CFRP, honeycomb sandwich structures, short fiber reinforced thermoplastics, 2D and 3D woven or Discontinuous Fiber Composites (DFC). The coupling of the material description with commercial CAE codes also to perform multi-scale analyses to raise the level of accuracy of composite structures simulations.
Airplane, spacecraft manufacturers and their suppliers use DIGIMAT to study the thermo-mechanical behavior of material lab samples and predict the influence of the material microstructure on the structure end performance. Through partnerships with the aerospace sector, e-Xstream has developed the appropriate tools and extensive know how for modeling materials involved in lightweight aerospace composite structures

Innovations & Advantages

       ·  Investigate and predict the behavior of a large mix of composite materials
·   Design & Manufacture Innovative High-Performance Composite Parts
·   Minimize weight, cost and time-to-market of optimal composite industrial parts
·   Improve prediction of structural FEA by accounting for manufacturing process
·   Reduce material testing and prototyping


Current and Potential Domains of Application

·        Aerospace
·        Aeronautics
·        Automotive
·        Electronics
·        Material Suppliers