New shape memory alloy for high transformation temperature

Ref-Nr: TDO0192

Technology abstract

The disadvantage of standard Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy for space mechanisms is the limited transformation temperature. In contrast the new CN-250X Nimesis alloy offered here is a Cu-Al-Ni single crystal wire with high transformation temperature (up to 250°C). It is available in quantities for industrial application with acceptable cost. It comes in standard form / customized for specific applications.

Latest generation technology Large field of applications High temperature environment (up to 250°C) Very good company integrating R&D development and standard production From raw materials to finished products

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Technology Description

Shape memory alloys (SMA) are recognized as reliable and e¬fficient materials that can be used particularly to design actuators or customized systems. The major drawback of these shape memory actuators is the trigger temperature which is lower than 100°C with standard NiTi alloys.
The new Cu-Al-Ni single crystal wire described here exhibits a transformation temperature higher than 100°C. Indeed the state of the art and detailed characterization work undertaken for a recent space program has demonstrated that Cu-Al-Ni single crystal wire is a very good candidate for space / non-space applications which need trigger temperatures between 100°C and 250°C.
The company can now provide standard product (wires), actuators and customized system in industrial quantities.  The Cu-Al-Ni single crystal wire is available in round section with a diameter from 0.5 mm to 20 mm

Innovations & Advantages

The company offers the ability to be able to design new functions based on different characteristics of SMA specific to particular applications, using a model simulation of the SMA. Additionally, the company has developed specific tools to manufacture dedicated products.
Cu-Al-Ni single crystal wire can be designed to give a trigger temperature ranging from -100°C to 200°C in cycling mode, and up to 250°C in one-shot mode.
Another advantage of CN-250X is a better shape recovery (8 to 10%) than NiTi (6 to 7%).
It is the subject of a current patent.

Further Information

CN-250X advantages: High transformation temperature, High shape recovery, Reproducibility, Reliability, Future sustainability, Easy to integrate, Weight and volume reduction, Active / passive system, Very high quality

Current and Potential Domains of Application

The products may be used in many industrial sectors, up to 200°C.:

  • Communications
  • Computer related
  • Other electronics related
  • Genetic engineering/molecular biology
  • Medical/Health related
  • Energy
  • Consumer related
  • Industrial products
  • Other

The SMA can be used as a sensor, an actuator or even both at the same time.
CN-250X potential applications:

  • High temperature Shape memory actuators
  • Non-explosive actuators
  • Non-explosive release mechanisms
  • Safety devices
  • Shape memory sleeves – connectors
  • Locking – unlocking devices
  • Deployment systems
  • Clamping systems
  • Damping devices
  • Medical devices

All kind of high temperature actuators and customized systems can be designed and integrated with thermal triggering