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Why ESA broker Netherlands?

Technology transfer is about finding a technology that can help your company with a solution. This transfer, from space-tech to non-space solution, usually requires adapting the current technology to the new needs.
This proces is similair to the development of a new product or services. Verhaert has been supporting organisations for almost 50 years with exploring, creating and developing new products and services. Using this knowledge, we designed a methodoly for transferring space technology to non-space based on 5 stages:

  1. promotion: get the word out
  2. opportunity: what's the problem and which technology can help solve it?
  3. feasibility: investigate the unknowns: most potential pains & gains from user, technical and business perspective
  4. demonstration: do. make. fail. learn. do again. demonstration is needed to prove the solution is capable of delivering the solution, this implies getting your hands dirty and learn from failures.
  5. incubation: once the solution is feasible and do-able it can grow. This can be done inside, outside, next-to the organisation who is problem-owner.


Available technologies
Dutch Space Domain
mln/year, invested in Dutch space techs
€ 100
Companies creating space technologies

About ESA broker Netherlands - Verhaert Netherlands

VERHAERT offers integrated product innovation services.
Over the last 40 years we have demonstrated our innovation potential in more than 500 new products resulting in over 100 patents. We have a customer-orientated organization focused on creating and developing new products, systems and business innovation programs.
Our unique approach maximizes the innovation potential by converging user needs & business requirements with expert understanding of and access to state-of-the-art technologies.

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We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.

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