Miniature switch-mode power transformers

Ref-Nr: TDO0151

Technology abstract

Zaptec develop and manufacture extremely compact, efficient and lightweight switch mode transformers/power supplies from 0.5 to 22 kW and above, having AC (50/60/400 Hz) or DC output.

The company currently offers three-phase 400 VAC 11 kW and single phase 230 VAC 3.6 kW units for use as isolating transformers in stationary or portable applications.

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Technology Description

Zaptec develops and manufactures extremely compact, efficient and lightweight switch mode power supplies. The company can provide bespoke solutions for galvanic isolation in AC applications. Zaptec can also supply DC power supplies from 300 V to 20 kV. The HV supplies are made for series connection enabling 1 MV and above with ease, and supplies electronic isolation transformers from 0.5 to 22 kW.

Zaptec currently offer their technology through the following products:

  1. Three-phase 400VAC 11 kW class II isolating transformer for stationary use in a wall-box.
  2. Single phase 230VAC 3.6 kW class II isolating transformer for portable applications with waterproof housing.
  3. HV DC power supply 5kW 20 kV for custom applications. This can be series connected

Zaptec's technology enables transformers to be made with a wide range of sizes and specifications depending on the application.

Innovations & Advantages

  • Low mass, less than 0.7 g/W including water- and shockproof housing and cooling system for 3.6 kW system
  • Low volume, less than 206 cm3 for 40kV 5 kW system (excluding driver and housing/cooling)
  • Efficient, better than 98% efficiency (excluding power for forced cooling, if needed)

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Current use: Onshore and offshore, aviation and space

Potential use: Medical applications, energy transfer systems, high power tools and machines.