Innovative triboelectric nanogenerator (TENGs) to effectively harvest water flow energy.


Technology abstract

The technology here presented was developed in Portugal by researchers from University of Porto and the spin-off inanoEnergy. The proposed technology is a promising energy harvesting technology that is able to generate electrical energy from water flows using the triboelectric effect. The main advantage is that the output scales with the area of the device and it can therefore be used to harvest small water flows, being thus able to be used in remote places as energy generator.

Technology Description

The proposed technology is a promising energy harvesting method that has a simple working mechanism. It produces high output power and has the ability of harvesting energy from a wide range of sources, under various conditions. The optimization of the developed setup for the effective generation of electricity delivering a mean voltage value of ∼102.2 V, a short-circuit current density ∼120 mA/m2 and a maximum power density of ∼6.1 W/m2. 

Innovations & Advantages

The main advantage is that, with small changes in the structure of the nanogenerator, it is possible to place the device in any environment (water pipelines, taps of housing, etc) because it was built to function as watertight. This guarantees a longer durability of the used materials because there is less wear and no influence on the triboelectrification effect by other external agents.

Further Information

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Power generation in water flux.