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Why ESA broker Sweden?

The Swedish Down to Earth mission is to commercialize space technologies for a sustainable Earth. Sustainability and environmental technologies are cutting edge domains in Sweden which are expected to become even more important for our future industries and base for export. Joint efforts and dual development in the fields of “Space and Sustainability” have the potential of spin-out and serving the needs for future technology solutions as well as serving the needs for spin-in to ESA missions.

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About ESA broker Sweden - Umbilical Design

In order to have a strong connection to industry, Umbilical Design has initiated a partnership with ÅF, the leading Nordic technical consultancy company which combines cutting-edge expertise in Product development, Industrial engineering, IT and Infrastructure.
Umbilical Design has been working in a wide range of industries. A few selected clients are Volvo Cars, Scania, Electrolux, NCC and Lidköping Municipality.

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The Heat is On

14 February 2018

Thanks to ESA and a high-tech fabric used in spacesuits, Swedish steelworkers will soon be wearing safer and cooler underwear to work.