Fluid thermal management system


Technology abstract

APR Technologies (hereinafter referred to as APR) is a Swedish space company offering products and services within Thermal Management, Fire detection, Sensors, and MicroCoats. The technology offered is a fluidic management including liquid based thermal management system named μ-TR™. It is a scalable, light-weight and small-sized thermal regulator system for efficient heat transfer or precise temperature control.

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Technology Description

μ-TR™ is originally designed for thermal regulation applications on satellites and typical applications are for removing of excess heat from high power components, transfer hot to cold or vice versa within a system. Alternative use is to precisely control the temperature of components that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, or cooling of components to minimize system noise.

Technological specification:
Mass - 100g to 1kg 


Cooling power - 1W to 500W
Temperature precision - 0.1°C to 5°C
Power consumption - low, < 3W

Innovations & Advantages

The μ-TR™ is a liquid cooling system, and seen as the cooling solutions of tomorrow.

μ-TR™ liquid cooling is a patented small-sized and light-weight “no-moving-parts” -thermal regulator system enabling variable conductance, to efficiently transfer heat from one medium to another, consisting of one or several of; micropumps, micro heat exchangers and radiators, plus control unit and tubing. It is based on NEMS/MEMS technology and breaks the limits for thermal regulation systems.

Advantages are; Minimum vibrations, Low power consumption, Wide temperature range, and On/off or precision regulation to ±0.1K. It also Overcomes gravity head (allows on-ground testing for space industry).

Further Information

Current and Potential Domains of Application

Chip cooling, high power components, satellites