Helen Rogerson

Space Technology Broker


Helen is responsible for day-to-day management of the ESA Broker UK and in particular for connecting with the UK space sector to identify cutting-edge technologies that can be applied in other sectors. 
Helen works with both space and non-space companies; working to identify new market opportunities, connect challenges with space-derived solutions, and identify funding opportunities to support the transfer process.
Within STFC, Helen works alongside the ESA BIC Harwell team and the space science department RAL Space to ensure entrepreneurs and technology developers are given the right support at the right time to develop their ideas. Working closely with adjacent networks including ESA's own IAP Ambassador, Innovate UK, Enterprise Europe Network and the Knowledge Transfer Network, Helen seeks the best possible outcome for companies and individuals seeking to innovate with high-tech ideas from the UK's thriving space industry.

    • Daresbury Laboratory
    • WA4 4AD
    • Warrington
    • United Kingdom