Success Stories

Anacail's F-LC2-250 in-pack ozone machine

Fresher Fruit with Space Science

23 March 2018

Every year millions of tonnes of food are thrown away due to spoilage caused by microorganisms such as moulds or yeasts. A new collaboration is helping to remove these threats using space plasma knowhow.

Sleep Tight with Rosetta

16 February 2018

When pest control expert Jason Littler was seeking a better way to ‘sniff’ the air in hotel rooms for bed bugs, he was introduced to space scientist Dr Geraint (Taff) Morgan. Now, Taff and Jason are using comet-sniffing philosophy to beat the bugs.

Safer Submarines

19 September 2015

Scientists from the Space Instrumentation Group (SIG) at The Open University and BAE Systems have worked together to apply expertise from the Rosetta mission to develop the Atmosphere Analyser - a real-time monitoring system for nuclear submarines.

Speeding up cancer treatment with space

18 September 2017

Anatomical models originally created to understand radiation effects on astronauts are now being used in clinical trials for Tumour Treating Fields, a new non-chemical technique that uses low intensity electric fields to inhibit cancer cell growth.

From space to the perfume industry

18 September 2017
The Open University’s Space Instrumentation Group (SIG), were selected to work with Givaudan based on their multidisciplinary approach and proven track record of solution design and delivery. 
Identification of obstacles in the vicinity of a helicopter using GNC software

Improving UAV Inspections using Space Formation Flying Systems

28 April 2017

Satellites cannot rely on GPS or other GNSSs for their location, orientation or speed so use advanced sensors and algorithms called Guidance, Navigation, and Control Systems (GNC). These systems also allow constellations of satellites to fly in perfect formation.