Compact, Low-Vibration Conical Compressor


Technology abstract

UK SME Vert Rotors has developed a compact conical compressor that delivers 25 bar pressure with low noise and low vibration. Originally developed to improve cooling systems for image sensors on small satellites, this technology is now being used for high-performance terrestrial applications. The conical compressor provides a solution to the problems of noise and vibration, and is ideal for portable applications where high pressure is crucial.

Technology Description

Vert Rotors has developed a compact conical compressor. It is an evolution of the conventional screw compressor. It consists of the inner screw revolving inside the outer screw. It is different to the traditional twin screw, where both the inner and outer screw are side-by-side in the housing.
The conical screw compressor is 85% more compact the traditional twin-screw, 55% more efficient than scroll, and 30 dB(A) quieter than reciprocating piston compressors.
Working with DSTL, UK MoD, Vert Rotors tested pumping operation of the conical compressor to 26 bara (375 psi). Vert Rotors is working on a version for satellite chemical propulsion systems, to compress propellant from 3-4 bar to 26 bar, in order to reduce the weight of propellant tanks, replace pressurant tanks and supply continuous pressure to the thruster.

  • Mass 2.5kg
  • Number of stages 1
  • Pressure 375 psia (26 bara)
  • Flow rate 16 l/min
  • Motor speed 3,000 rpm
  • Power 1kW
  • Status over 3,500 cycles, 260hr ‘on’ time

The company fully manufactures conical compressors at its precision-manufacturing factory in Edinburgh, UK


Innovations & Advantages

  • Low noise and vibration
  • Lightweight
  • The compressor can supply high pressure for mobile and portable applications


Further Information

Satellite propellant pressure booster pump:

  • Continuous working pressure 375psi(g) / 26 bar(g)
  • Single stage
  • Mass 2.5kg + motor, motor speed 3,000 rpm
  • Power 1kW


Current and Potential Domains of Application

Aerospace, Automotive and Medical