Mineral-insulated thermocouple for temperature measurement in extreme environments


Thermocoax thermocouple cable

Technology abstract

A French specialist cable manufacturer designs and manufactures thermocouples which can be used for extreme environments such as those found in chemical, aerospace, and nuclear industries. The mineral-insulated thermocouples are characterised by high mechanical strength, flexibility, and rapid response-time. The company seeks low volume, high value applications in extreme environments.

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Technology Description

The high-temperature C-type thermocouple was developed for monitoring the outer skin temperature of a spacecraft during re-entry. The sheath/insulant combination has to withstand the harsh environment and to accurately monitor the high temperature during the re-entry process.

  • Sheath: Tantalum alloy
  • Insulant: MgO/Hafnium
  • Size: Ø = 0.7 mm
  • Operational temperature limit: ≤ 2300 °C
  • Insulation resistance: 1012 Ω at room temperature

Innovations & Advantages

• High thermocouple flexibility (tight bending radius equivalent to 3x OD)
• Extensive know-how in thermocouple design and qualification
• Certification in different sectors (AS9100, ASTM E 230 and 235, ISO9001, IEC 584-1 and -2)
• Calibration in accordance with NIST
• 10 year lifetime
• Vibration and shock resistant
• Hermetically sealed

Current and Potential Domains of Application

• Aerospace: APU test benches, gas engines, and braking systems
• Nuclear: Core outlet temperature and cladding of fuel assemblies
• Power generation: compressors, turbines, exhaust lines
Harsh environments including corrosive, oxidising, extreme pressures, extreme temperature conditions:
• Mining 
• Extreme climates (ice, snow, high temperature)
• Process monitoring