Simulation of human body interaction with EMF radiation


Heterogeneous, anatomically realistic model of the human body

Technology abstract

Exposure to high intensity electromagnetic fields (EMF) can be harmful to human health. A new EU Directive ('EMF Directive 2013/35/EU') requires employers to assess and, if necessary, limit employee exposure to EMF radiation. A UK SME offers a powerful solution for assessing EMF radiation exposure in various industrial applications; by using anatomically realistic models of the human body, and code to simulate the interaction of EMF radiation with human tissue.

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Technology Description

A UK based SME has taken human models for astronaut exposure to cosmic radiation and developed them to analyse and predict the absorption of electromagnetic radiation within humans in industrial applications back on Earth.
The company developed anatomically realistic models of an adult human male, MAXWEL (MALe flexible Whole-body model) from which it has been able to produce derivatives. Combined to this they have developed in-house computer code to simulate the absorption of EMF radiation within the body. This is a unique capability and allows the company to provide modelling services to a variety of industries.
All electronic equipment produces EMF radiation to a certain extent but higher power machinery such as welding guns and induction furnaces give off a lot more in a short space of time. This can be dangerous for the operators.
Bioelectric signals help to regulate many processes within the human body but artificial externally generated EMF fields can interfere with them. This can affect virtually any system within the body, from sleep cycles, to stress levels, to immunities within DNA. As such it is critical for employers to monitor this and ensure that their equipment meets the correct standards.
The company can provide bespoke assessment for organisations, from the initial survey, through the modelling phase, to the ensuring of compliance.

Innovations & Advantages

  • Unique modelling capability
  • Unique integration of EMF simulations with human models
  • Ensures compliance with European Directive

Further Information

Current and Potential Domains of Application

The technology is applicable within many industrial areas – especially those that use high power electrical equipment.
·       Automotive
·       Assembly Line
·       Fabrication Machinery
·       Furnaces
·       Energy Production
·       Telecommunications
·       Medical
Real Estate Management