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ESA space solutions brokers are the key developers of commercial transfer opportunities. They advocate ESA's own Intellecual Property Rights (IPR), supporting both spin-off and spin-in transfers.

Our broker network actively boosts European global competitiveness. We fuel industry-innovation and growth by transferring space technology, systems, services and know-how to non-space sectors.




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Knowing exactly how space can benefit your business may not always be obvious. Our technology brokers are experts in assessing market needs in areas where there is a high potential for exploiting space technology. They provide comprehensive advice, research, market studies, product development services and more to support you - before, during and after transfer.

Our technologies

Our technologies

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Device for treating urea-containing water

In densely populated areas and in farms, the purification of domestic waste water or animal excreta is an exceptionally costly and time-consuming proc ...

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Success Stories

Space technologies aid-solar-powered global flight bid

Success story - Energy and Power

The solar impulse single pilot aircraft will be designed to fly around the world powered by solar energy